The Hammer Falls

Medical Officer Log XVII

The grime that distracts me

Begin recording: 20394012234-XVII—————————————————

Nash: “Bob, Medical Journal begin recording.”

Bob: “Sir, you do realize that I could be performing various other calculations at this time, or devising a way to best extract the knowledge from the prisoner. Couldn’t you use one of your many other devices to dictate notes to?”

Nash: “Bob, as we have gone over before, I trust your insight and what better way to get insight than for you to get my inner most thoughts as I give them.”

Bob: “As you wish sir, what are we calling this one? The tale of rust volume 10343?”

Nash: "Bob, I promised I would no longer relent on the untidiness of the crew and the state of the ship. I would silently suffer the inabilities of others to see the glorious machines pain right in font of them, as long as you didn’t try to take holo recordings of Nor and Larissa in compromising positions

Bob: “But sir, it is my duty to archive this entire mission and ensure that everything is available for the admission of guilt and innocence.”

Nash: “Bob, please review chapter 32, section 32, subsection 15, paragraph 12 of the inquisitorial manual.”

Bob: “yes, yes, no inquisitor will be required to have recordings of them while they sleep, bathe, or relieve themselves, as some natural sounds, although may be thought of as heretical in some languages are altogether natural. But sir, my sensors, I swear one of them is keeping a foul beast hidden in their pants.”

Nash: “Bob, both have been given a extensive medical exam as well as the standard tests for the taint. They have been given a clean bill of health and my weekly additions to their food cubes would quickly identify any issues. I have kept my promise Bob, your bound to keep yours.”

Bob:whispering “yes but one would not think with your incisiveness about the rust you would have stopped the complaints for this long, if I knew I wouldn’t have made that deal, I just needed a reprieve, I still think Larissa is hiding something in that goo… if only they made it more transparent.”

Nash: “you said something Bob?”

Bob: “Did you hear something sir?”

Nash: “Sounded like your vox box is on the fritz again.”

Bob: “That must be it sir, your last repair may have interrupted the cross reference junction in the terminus.”

Nash: “My apologies Bob, I will see to it this evening.”

Bob" “Recording started sir”

Nash: "Thank you Bob, Today we will have a small dissertation on the aliments and limitations of unprocessed food, and the glory of food cube preparation. The great machines of old have been said to……….. "

End recording: 20394012234-XVII—————————————————-



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