The Hammer Falls

Father, guide us in our time of trials

Men are strange creatures.

I realize now that I am away from my Sisters and out in the universe, spreading the justice of my Father across his many worlds, that I will have to deal with them more often than not.
Honestly, my first inclination is to keep them at arms length. Filthy and uncouth as they are, I do not yet understand what the grand idea of them is.

Draclyn seems to handle them in a most unseemly manner, flaunting her body at them with reckless abandon. And for what? To curry favour? To manipulate? Even that word has a male root.
Must I exploit myself in the same way, just to receive information that I could just as easily ask a woman? Why is such a dance necessary, are men not made of the same form as women? Is trickery really the only thing they understand? Or perhaps I could tackle it a different way, with brute force. I have yet to find one that peeks my interest. Until then, I will observe.

While I do not fully understand the male species as yet, what I do understand is that there is more at play here than we originally knew. Taint and blasphemy are everywhere, and this drug is at the centre of it, of that I am sure.

And these riots? Are they connected to the drug as well? The firepower described by my shipmates during the last riot sounded much too powerful and way too organized to be a random food riot. There is much yet to be unveiled here, and we will get to the root of it.

I can only hope that our dealing with this guinea pig prove useful, and our controlled attempt at observing this drug gives us more insight into its nefarious purpose.



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