Litany Micro Beads

Micro Beads, Holy


Litany Micro-Beads & Vox caster

The corrupting songs of cults and the whispers of daemons are
a constant threat to those carrying out the work of the Ordo
Malleus. Many Inquisitors travel with a choir of Ministorum
priests singing the litanies of the God-Emperor. Those
desiring a more subtle approach while still gaining some
protection from the aural assaults of heretics and blasphemous
sorcerers often make use of a litany micro-bead. A blessed
vox-caster within range (1 mile) broadcasts a constant stream
of blessings, prayers and inspirational hymns. These signals
cut out when the micro-beads are used to transmit, but while
not transmitting, the wearers of these beads are considered

There are three liturgical channels which may be chosen
for a litany micro-bead; changing the channels requires a half
action to perform the proper rites:
• The Catechism of Devotion and Sanctity grants the user the
benefit of the Chem Geld Talent while listening.
• The Prayers of St Drusus grants the user the benefit of the
Jaded Talent while listening.
• The Petitions of Redemption grant the user a +10 bonus to
Willpower Tests made to resist mind control.


Litany Micro Beads

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