The Hammer Falls

GM Overview Session #3

Bust or Bust...

>>> Access accepted. Welcome to Inquisitional Archives.
>>> Encryption key activated.


Vesuna Regis Iron Sektumos Port 23 Bells Live!!!

“Vox-Persona Damien “The Unicorn” Maginot reporting live from Sektumos Port in the midst of CHAOS!!! That’s right I said it folks, CHAOS abounds in Sektumos. Now before you all go crawling under your beds and hiding your heads…this CHAOS is not some distance spooky tale, this is home grown violence and murder right here in our very own capital!

Witnesses describe a scene of horror and mayhem! I have right here with me Ogryn Longshoreman “Gott Friegen” who was front row to the entire event. Gott, tell us what the hell happened!


Gott, “See , it wuz”

Damien, “Wow!! Gott, really, really??? “

Gott, “Uh”

Damien, “Smugglers, I bet it was smugglers wasn’t it? We have had such a problem with smugglers lately, slaves, drugs, mutants – it’s been terrible.”

Gott, “See”

Damien, “So you were here minding your own business and then the cutter’s weaponry just opened up on you and a crowd of what about seventy-five innocent workers?”

Gott grins wickedly and nods along, “Yup.”

Damien, “Gott…that is just plain, terrible. What happened next?”

Gott, “We’z”

Damien, “REALLY?! Holy crap Gott, that’s amazing! So you barely escaped with your life when the cutter blasted its way out of the dock, went to afterburners, and burned half of the innocent workers crowding the ship to cinders?!”

Gott nods emphatically.

Damien, “These foul smugglers must be caught. Our very own Vigil is searching for a Typhon class cutter that looks like THIS. Probably hiding its ident under false pretenses. If you or anyone you know has seen a Typhon class cutter relocating or flying outside of your window, please VOX 99-999-BUSTED.”

Damien turns towards the camera trying to hide what is in the background as 15 Vigil officers armed with shock batons and stun lances begin to beat and pummel Gott into the ground, screams sound out, and yells of, “Come ‘ere ya freaking mutant bastard…”

“He’s got horns! Chaos!! Kill it!”

Pete Lars has had a rough gig. Sure you can easily point out that rough gigs are all about choices. He wouldn’t in fact disagree. Bad choices have lead him to bad places. Just how bad he doesn’tI even know, really.

Manufactorum foreman fired for substance abuse. Family left him for the loser lifestyle he adopted.

Then he had his first hit of bust. Things were looking up. The sheer pleasure of it all. The bliss, the high, the euphoria, life just started looking up! At least he felt it had.
The high was so good he didn’t even realize he was living on the street. In a trash heap in a piss filled alley. LIFE still was good. Except when he came down.

Down has been the way for a few weeks now. His subsistence pay has dried up. Dewey hasn’t been around in a while. He forgot to eat for like a whole week.
Then these serious slammers from the Ministorum Medicae Society or something came around. They were offering him good times again! Just so they could run some tests, take some blood, feed him and clean him up.

Bust is the best thing that ever happened to him.

These people were legit. They seemed kind and rich too. He got to shower and wear a pair of clean coveralls. It was an interesting team of people.

The bossy one – who seems to be an ex-cop and pretty reasonable. All ex-cops are the same everywhere at least he didn’t night stick his face.

There’s this sexy soldier lady. She looked a little intimidating but seems like she knows how to have fun and the cut on that blouse and the few buttons open at the top was a nice change for the snaggle-tooth witches on the street.

Now the preachy one…wow she is scary. Sexy in that school-house Nun sorta way…but she looks ready to flame at any second. I bet she is about to lay a sermon on me about abusing myself. I could totally handle that if she would pop a button or two like her soldier friend but she is probably into the ladies herself, given that she screams convent raised.

Can’t forget that cutie from the closet with all the lotion. She is hot in a weird twisty sort of way, big luminous eyes and that hungry smile on her face, I bet she was checking out my coveralls.
Pretty awesome, they even had their very own Tech-Priest muttering something about “It rubs the serum on his basket…” whatever the hell that means.

Larissa has had enough of this ship. She needs off and off now. Gunfights at the space port, freaking emergency evasions and fast blasting out of atmo – just freaking ridiculous.
Now the team shows back up with yet another innocent in tow. Another prisoner she is pretty sure they are going to put a bullet in when they are done torturing information out of him.

Oh wait now they want her to help with the torture?


Maybe that’s better than being locked in her socket. Ok, so does this mean I’m a more integral part of the team now, instead of just the long range voxer…the closet monkey they only bring out when they need and then lock me back up again…I can play along. This is my chance to show them…maybe I can be a real team member and get off the damn ship now and then…

Larissa steadied her mind and prepared to reach into the warp. Let’s have a look at Peter here shall we. The chaos wind rushed into her thoughts as the veil parted to her very powerful mind.
Wow that’s a lot of pink and blue and beautiful roses and flowers, and the scent so powerful and fragrant…and the bright, this isn’t the normal hive warp that she expected…I need to push through this bright haze and beautiful colors and oh here is Peter here he is…

Holy Throne of Emperor!!!

God Emperor of Man Kind!!!

He wait…, why…does he have a claw mark embedded in the flesh of his face?!?! What is that standing behind him!?!?!?! Are those tentacles IN him??




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