The Hammer Falls

Arkanis Log 001

This is a mess I’ve gotten myself into. What I wouldn’t give to be back on Essen IV and away from these people. But here I am, serving Inquisitor Wroth… I suppose it’s better than being dead.

Anyways, we arrived at Vesuna Regis today to begin our work. While I headed off to find some information and possibly (the new drug) to test, I find out the rest of the group is causing trouble. I arrived back at our craft only to find a crowd incited against them, with Nor ready to light them on fire. Wonderful. A half crazed Adepta Sororitas wannabe. Nothing could be better than lighting a crowd on fire in the middle of the port. I had to save the situation before it spiraled out of control, so I grabbed an inciter that looked a bit out of place, handed her over, then grabbed some food. I’m not sure what the others did with the woman, nor do I particularly care.

Tomorrow I plan on heading out to the other side of the hive to see what information I can gleam, then head back below to see if my contact was able to secure any goods for me. Hopefully by the time I’m back the others will have found a way to be useful. Or maybe Nor will have half the hive burning. I think I’ll be more surprised if it’s the former rather than the latter.

Let’s hope I come out of this alive.




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