The Hammer Falls

GM Overview Session #2

>>> Access accepted. Welcome to Inquisitional Archives.

>>> Encryption key activated.

“Serum-91216XB7 The TRUTH, the TRUTH serum, Truth serum, get to the bottom of it, yes get to the bottom of it. Bob it is ready.” Nash intoned with just the proper inflection and rites necessary to honor the Omnissiah.

The prisoner was very forthright in sharing her knowledge. Even without the use of the serum. She just didn’t care all that much. “I was paid to come here with the others and stir up trouble at the docks.” The description and location she provided were specific.

The team dumping her into an alley drugged up however…that is going to be remembered and reported. Just as soon as she can get cleaned up, she is going down to the Vigil and reporting those crazy bastards at the docks for kidnapping her. Getting paid to stir up trouble with a little civil disobedience is one thing, getting kidnapped and nearly tortured is another thing entirely. Freaky off worlders!

It was good to see Benedictus again, though the setting for that meet couldn’t be any worse. An Alpha class morale threat right here on his watch and he invited Benedictus out to see it. What a freaking mess. He must be slipping. The lock-down sequences initiated and local inquisition forces arriving is going to put a damper on this reunion. What can a fella do?

The black armored menacing troops that arrived with their séance crews and astropathic contigents was certainly efficient. The Vigil officers, his buddy and their Ministorum team, all hustled out of the building into unmarked waiting hovercraft and zipped away to God-Emperor knows where.

Adeptus Arbites Sergeant Mitch Gant knew where his loyalties lie. He also knew that he couldn’t let an old comrade rot in some prison somewhere. Time to start making inquiries and alerting the Ministorum that their operatives may have run afoul of Inquisition business. Man, did I mess this up.



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