The Hammer Falls

GM Overview Session #1

Welcome to Vesuna Regis!

>>> Access accepted. Welcome to Inquisitional Archives.

>>> Encryption key activated.

“C.S. two one bravo – Ursula One requesting inbound and clearance to Port Sektumos…”

“C.S. two one bravo this is Port Control stand by to engage Pilot Servitor 9XT and follow it in.”

“Ursula One roger that.”

Pilot Servitor Herwig maneuvered the cutter deftly and dropped in behind the Port Control drone. The pilot craft was all turbofans and auspexers dented and worn from many years of service and more than a few bumps with other poorly flown craft. It raced ahead of Ursula guiding the much larger cutter down through the thin atmosphere towards Vesuna Regis.

Traffic on Juno above its capital hive was what one would expect. The skies over the trade and bureaucratic center of Askellon were awash in ships, freighters, military and commercial craft. Clear lanes of sky traffic inbound and outbound could be seen as the fleet of pilot servitors slaved to the Administratum Port Control Division did their part to serve the Emperor.

Ursula closed in on the eight square kilometers of port Sektumos. With over 400,000 berths, numerous manufactorums, trade warehouses, longshore facilities, hangars, and all manner of businesses supporting visiting ships a thick haze of smog broken by the occasional light or spire tower hovered over the city.

In short order, Herwig flared the cutter and with a flash of steaming vents, sacred oil emissions and a gentle thump, Ursula I made planet fall settling neatly upon the pale yellow ferrocrete slab. Released from its service the Port Drone raced off for its next fare.

The landing slab rumbled sideways as it moved the Ursula out of the landing area and into its own very cozy shelf space right alongside a dozen other small craft packed neatly out of the way. The ships access ramp descended slowly and an emerald rune lit up the personnel exit hatch leading out of the docking bay into the port proper.

“Welcome to Vesuna Regis.”

Aboard Ursula the warband was camped out around the commons table arguing again. The team really needed to get it together. Benedictus moved through the hallway and into a bunk room finding a quieter place while he fished out his vox. The servitor Irmella rumbled quickly by and pushed on down the hall looking for anyplace else to be. For whatever reason she didn’t like being around people. Probably guilt over her penance.

Keying in the appropriate rune sequence, Benedictus raised an old contact at Arbiter central command. With the pleasantries aside and the cover intact Benedictus caught up with his old buddy. He mentioned his new job as a bodyguard for the Ministorum and their purpose on Juno. For a promise of buying an ale and knocking back a few drinks to catch up on old times, Bendictus had secured an invite to a crime scene that the Ministorum should definitely look at in its Morality Health Check.

Tomorrow morning, at the Ninth Bell of Morn…bring the team to Arbites Central and meet up with Max Gant. The others were still arguing when Benedictus came out of the bunk room and stepped outside for a smoke.



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